With over 20 years of experience in the cycling industry in Japan and abroad, I decided to branch off on my own. While there are many capable shops in the Tokyo area, I still felt there was a need for a very specialized after-sales shop that was able to do custom and repair work not bound by constraints such as time or overhead. If you are looking for something unique, feel free to drop in. Or just come by for a cup of coffee, talk story, etc.

Just as a side note, at the present time I do not have complete bicycles for sale. However, I will be more than happy to  assist you in choosing a frame, the frame size and the appropriate components for a build. I can also recommend shops (domestic and foreign) for purchasing these items.

Basic parts and accessories (tires, tubes, lights, locks, etc.) are always in stock.

USA Cycling, Race Mechanic
Retul, Certified Pro Fitter
United Bicycle Institute, Mechanic

Some of my past work experience:
Cycle Work Station, Kichijoji, Tokyo
Trek Bicycle Store, Boulder, Colorado
Team BPT Mechanic, Moab, Utah
VeloNews Magazine
Brands Cycle and Fitness, Wantagh, New York


アメリカ自転車競技連盟認定 レースメカ
Retul認定 プロ・フィッター
United Bicycle Institute メカニック
日本交通管理技術協会 安全整備士
日本車両検査協会 自転車技士

サイクル・ワーク・ステーション 吉祥寺
Trek Bicycle Store, コロラド州
Team BPT メカニック, ユタ州
Velonews, 自転車雑誌
Brands Cycle and Fitness, ニューヨーク州