November 30, 2014

Rolf Prima Tdf6 set

A set of test wheels came in yesterday.
These are the Rolf Prima TdF6’s. 1435g total (F:620g R:815g), 26mm rim width, 60mm profile, Enduro ceramic bearings, titanium freehub body… 255,960yen. More details can be found over on their website, here.

I will have these available for test rides for the next couple weeks. If you’d like to try them out, please call or email to book an appointment. Depending on demand, I should be able to lend them out for however long you’d like (hours, days, etc…) The pic on the right is a customer’s Canyon with the wheels installed. (ALPHA bottle… nice touch! Thanks CH!)

Some closeups below…


The Japanese retail price list for Rolf Prima’s entire lineup can be found over at their distributor site, JSK Cycling Force.
(Direct link to .pdf price list is here.)


Oh, and speaking of Canyon… I was lucky enough to be invited to their opening party. (Thank you very much Canyon Japan.) Guest of honor was none other than Joaquim Rodriguez!  They’re still some of favorite looking bikes. One example is the new 2015 Aeroad CF SLX, pictured above left… very nice.

As always, thanks for reading!


Canyon Rolfs

RolfPrima TdF6の試乗ホイールが届きました!
前後セットで1435g (F:620g, R:815g)、リム幅26mm、リム高60mm、セラミック・ベアリング、チタン・フリーボディなど。¥255,960(税込)。詳しいスペックは本社のホームページ(英語のみ)をご覧ください。国内代理店のリンクは後程。


今朝、お客様のCanyon(画像、右上)に装着しまして、そのまま試乗に。週の後半に戻る予定です。(ALPHAボトル搭載! CH様、ありがとうございます!)



Rolf Primaの全ラインアップと価格表は国内代理店、JSK Cycling Forceのホームページへどうぞ。直接に価格表をご覧になられる方はこちらのリンクを使用下さい。


そう言えば、Canyon ですけど、Canyon Japan開設記念パーティーに招待されて、先週行きました。こう言う感じでした。(Canyon Japanさん、ありがとうございました!そして、ごちそうさまでした。)メインゲストは何と、チームカチューシャのロドリゲス選手!Canyonはやっぱりカッコイイと思います。2015 Aeroad CF SLX に一目惚れしました。(画像、左上)


November 15, 2014

I’m in the middle of an update, but it’s taking some time.

One piece of news I have to get out there is that I’ve received a lot of faxes and emails regarding pricing for imported goods for the coming year. Due to the recent weakening of the yen, most of the companies I have contracts with are planning on raising prices by at least 10% starting around the beginning of next year. I just wanted to give everyone notice that if you’re planning on making any big ticket purchases, you might want to do it before the end of the year. If and when I get any news regarding this, I will post updates as soon as I can.

In the mean time, if you have any questions please feel free to email or call anytime. Thanks again.






October 9, 2014


Cervelo’s distributor in Japan had their 2015 show last week. On display was their complete lineup. These are a few of the pics I took. Above is the New P5. I heard there were a couple small changes to frame, but nothing I could notice just by looking. I will have to get more details on this later. The one thing I did notice is that they changed the rear brake shoe bolt on the right side to make it easier to do adjustments. Also, the paint scheme is a lot better in person than in all the pics I’ve seen floating around the web.


Cervelo’s distributor also handles bikes from Lapierre as well as Easton, Masi, Token, etc… Above is the new Pulsium endurance bike with an elastomer for rear suspension. They said it’s good for 3.5mm vertical travel. Hopefully, one of these days I’ll be able to test ride it and compare it to the Trek Domane’s IsoSpeed.
Oooh, and check out the dual position brake bolt spacer. It’s made to accept both short and long reach caliper brakes to fit a variety of tire widths.


Back to Cervelo and the 2015 S5. There’s already been a fair amount of media buzz on this model. If you’re interested in the details, might I suggest the write ups from:


The gist of it seems to be that it’s stiffer and has better aerodynamics as well as a slightly lower riding position compared to the previous model. That’s all great and all, but I was really looking forward to checking out the new handlebar (pictured above right).

Last but not least, some race info…
Oct. 19 Japan Cup Road Race, Utsunomiya
List of scheduled UCI teams is here.
(Trek tweets Cancellara is coming!)
Oct.25 LeTour De France-Saitama Criterium
Full start list here. (Nibali, Froome, etc…)

If you’ve never been to the Japan Cup, it is a definite must-see. The race is held in the forests west of Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture, which is about 150km from Tokyo. (You can get to Utsunomiya Station by bullet train in like 50 minutes.) The course is a 14km loop and they do about 10 laps. This is great because you get to see your favorite riders pass by once like at normal point-to-point road races. The other thing I like it that the racing gets pretty heated and real towards the end.

Oh, if you do go to Utsunomiya, don’t forget to get some gyoza on the way home.

Thanks for reading!


P5 brake

先週、Cerveloの2015年展示会に行きました。全ての車種は揃っていましたが、ここに載せた写真はその一部です。まずはNew P5です。フレームセット等に改良された点はも有るらしいですけど、目視では分からなかったです。ただ、新しいデザインと塗装は実物を見たらカッコイイと思いました。ネットに流れている画像より何倍もいいと思いました。


Pulsium closeup

Cerveloと同時にLapierreも展示していました。上記の画像には新しいPulsiumエンデューランス系の完成車。フレームのシートラグの周辺にエラストマーが入っていて、3.5mmのサスペンション効果が有る。いつか試乗出来て、Trek DomaneのIsoSpeedと比べて見たいですね。





10月19日 ジャパンカップ(宇都宮)
10月25日 TdF-さいたまクリテリウム




September 4, 2014


School started back up this Monday, so my availability Monday through Wednesday will be limited. As always, please call ahead or email to make sure that I’m available. Thanks.

BMC’s Japanese distributor had their 2015 model show in Tokyo yesterday. While that ultra-futuristic concept bike from Eurobike wasn’t on display, they did have all the models they will be selling in Japan. Most interesting was the Cross Machine with Shimano’s new hydraulic road setup.

The rest of the lineup was there too. But from what I could gather by looking at the bikes and talking to the mechanic, there were no changes to the SLR, TM, and TMR framesets. Changes seem to include slight variations on paint and components only. Specific details can been seen over on BMC’s international site and in their 2015 online catalog.

The Japanese distributor’s BMC page hasn’t been updated yet, but the prices have been set. If you’d like more information, please feel free to email or call. As always, thanks for reading.





他の車種、特に上位のグレードのSLR, TM, TMRも展示されていましたが、去年からほぼ継続している感じでした。塗装とコンポーは多少変わっていました。メカと話ながら、フレームには大きい変更や改良は無いらしいです。詳しい設計や装備はカタログに載っていますが、まだ日本語編のカタログは正式に配れてない様です。お待ちきれない方にBMC本社のホームページで2015年の英語版カタログを配信していますが、国内販売のモデルと異なる車種と装備が多数ございます。




August 1, 2014

80mm tubes

Concerning my updates or lack thereof, I’m considering a new strategy. I’m usually more of a quality over quantity type person, but I’m slowly realizing that this probably doesn’t apply to webpages.

This month, I’m post some of the stuff I have available in stock at the shop. Like the above tubes. These presta valves are 80mm long! This makes them useable for deep section aero wheels. Pictured on the left is a comparison between 60mm and 80mm valves on a Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL Wheel with a rim height of 52mm. With the 80mm tube, there’s still about 40mm of valve left. More than enough to attach pump heads from any floor pump. These tubes can easily be used on wheels with up to 60mm rim heights like Zipp 404’s.

These tubes eliminate the need for valve extensions and all the consequent fumbling.  Very easy and very quick.

Price: 1,296yen (tax incl.)

Thanks for reading.




今月は色々当店で常時在庫している商品を紹介したいと思います。まずは、こちらのチューブ。仏式のチューブですけど、バルブが80mmの長さです。最近主流になっているディープリムやエアロ―ホイール用です。左上の画像では、同じMavic Cosmic Carbone SL (リム高:52mm)に60mmと80mmを比べました。80mmのバルブの方が、まだ40mm位の余裕有ります。どんな空気入れでもこのくらい有れば、使えると思います。このチューブはリム高の60mmまで使えます。例え、Zipp 404等。




April 3, 2014


The shop will be open normal days and hours for the month of April. Having said that, I still recommend calling ahead to make sure that I am at the shop and available.

I apologize for not updating since February. In all honestly, I’ve been facing writer’s block. In March, I went to a few seminars and also the Taipei Cycle show, but there really wasn’t anything worth writing about that would be of interest to my road and tri oriented customers. This year the floor was pretty much taken over by suspension parts and fat bikes. I guess if I had to choose something cool, it was the new clip on bars from Control Tech and also their kinda new titanium stems.

Hopefully, I’ll be back with something more interesting later on. As always thanks for reading.








November 3rd, 2013

This month the shop will be open normal days and hours. No planned days off or closures at this time.

On to more exciting news…

ALPHA is now an authorized dealer of BMC framesets. 2014 catalogs (Japanese version) are available at the shop, while supplies last. The frames will be sold mostly at printed catalog prices, but I will be able to negotiate the build labor costs. Catalog frame prices (2014 models, taxes not included) are as follows:

teammachine SLR01: 420,000yen
granfondo GF01: 340,000yen
timemachine TM01:  470,000yen
timemachine TMR01: 470,000yen
trackmachine TR01: 550,000yen
teamelite TE01: 350,000yen

Availability and lead times differ according to model. Please contact the shop for more details.

Pictured right is a recent TMR01 build. It was built up with a Campagnolo Super Record EPS group. Normally, the TMR01 frameset is not EPS compatible. As such the above bike was heavily modified for everything to work. Just in case you’re wondering, the build labor including all the modifications cost about 70,000yen (more than double my normal build price of 30,000yen).

Final weight (with everything, bottle cages, Garmin, etc..) 6.75kg. This bike just turned out so beautifully, I had to put it up on the shop page. I hope you agree. Thanks for reading.




先月をもちまして、当店はBMCフレームセットの正式販売店になりました。 2014のカタログも配布していますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください。フレームセットは定価販売の予定です。当店でフレームセットをご購入頂ければ、組み立て工賃は多少値引き出来ると思います。


teammachine SLR01: ¥420,000
granfondo GF01: ¥340,000
timemachine TM01: ¥470,000
timemachine TMR01: ¥470,000
trackmachine TR01: ¥550,000
teamelite TE01: ¥350,000





October 4, 2013

This month the shop will be open usual days, usual hours. The only exception will be that the shop will be closed on Sunday, October 20th, as I will be accompanying some of my students to watch the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race in Utsunomiya, Tochigi.

If you don’t know about the Japan Cup, it’s one the best pro races to watch in Japan as the course is a closed loop with some very good climbing in the middle. Also every year some very popular riders from the Pro Tour come and race as well. In the past people like Basso and DiLuca have come by.

OMG!! I just checked the website, it looks likes Team Sky’s Froome and Porte are scheduled to race! For the other teams that are scheduled to compete, please check here:

All of the above links are in Japanese, with no English available. If you have any questions, or if you’re thinking about attending, please email or call. Thanks!




そして、今年はTeam Skyからフルーム選手とポルト選手が出場する予定です。かなり貴重だと思います。他のチームも出場します。詳しくはこちら:


September 8, 2013

Classes started back up last week. As such, I will have very limited availability Monday through Wednesday. For those of you who may still not know, I teach bicycle mechanics at the Tokyo College of Cycle Design in Shibuya on these days.

This month the shop will be open during the regular shop hours as stated in the above page banner. The only exception is that the shop will be closed on Sunday the 29th, as I will be doing mechanic work at the Murakami Int’l Triathlon.

Also the shop will be closed on July 25, 2020 as I will be busy watching the Olympic Road Race in Tokyo! It looks like the schedule is already set for the Men’s and Women’s Road Race/Time Trial, Track, MTB and Triathlon events. The preview can be seen here (in Japanese only). All the politics aside for a moment… Congratulations to Japan and Tokyo for their winning bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. Yea!




最後に、2020年7月25日(土)はオリンピックロードレース観戦の為、臨時休業させて頂きま~す! 2020年のオリンピックの自転車やトライアスロン関連の日程がほぼ確定みたいですね。詳しくはこちらのリンクへどうぞ。本当におめでとうございます!

 August 29, 2013


A few words about the advantages of buying Shimano parts through authorized retailers.

Shimano recently recalled some of its disc brake calipers. (Pictured above are the BR-CX77 replacements for the recalled BR-CX75.)

They sent out a general notice to all the bike shops and media outlets on Tuesday. Then they researched my order history and found that my shop had sold a pair of these brakes at the beginning of the year. They called my shop on Wednesday to confirm that I had received the recall notice, and to inform me that I had indeed sold a pair of the affected brakes and that I should get in contact with the customer. After I told them that I had gotten in touch with the customer and they promptly sent out the replacements which arrived today (Thursday).

Shimano will replace any of the brakes affected by the recall, regardless of where they were purchased (domestically or internationally). But the fact that they were very proactive in contacting my shop, an authorized Shimano reseller, speaks volumes for what a solid company they are. Sure, they sent out a lot of notices which are all over the web, but who actually looks these?

Bicycle Retailer
Cyclowired (Japanese)

I mean, the customer who had bought these brakes is very net-savvy and he missed all these recall notices. If it wasn’t for Shimano calling me to call my customers, I wonder what would have happened?

Thanks for reading.






Velonews (USA)
Cyclingnews (UK)
Bicycle Retailer (USA)
Cyclowired (日本)






June 18, 2013

During RAAM, I will not be able to update the web page as I’d hoped. But almost daily updates are available on the shop’s Twitter.

In the mean time, here are a couple pics.


The pre-race meeting at the motel in Oceanside, with one of our riders Jamie, far right. (pic, above left)

Jamie’s Garmin 800 at the start line, check out the kms to go! (pic, above right)

Follow the race through live timing at the RAAM webpage. We’re team number T202, Crank Addicts 2! Go, go, go!!!








June 1, 2013


From June 13th through the 27th, the shop will be closed. I will be in the United States doing mechanic work for Crank Addicts. This is a 2-person team that will be racing in the Race Across America (RAAM). The race will start on the West Coast in California on June 15th. The riders will ride non-stop, in shifts, until they reach the East Coast in Maryland. A total distance of about 3,000 miles or 4,800 km. Crank Addicts will be riding and raising charity funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care. More information and other links, such as donations and Facebook, can be found on the team’s website at

RAAM has several different team categories, including one-person solo teams. The solo men’s record is just over 8 days 3 hours, back in 1992. The 8-person men’s team record is 5 days 5 hours. (Incredible, considering it’s taken me about the same amount of time to do it alone by car.) These teams and riders come from all over the world. This time around though, there aren’t any Japanese riders or teams. Oh, well. For more information on RAAM, click here.

If I have time, I will try to update this webpage and tweet while I’m on the road. Wish me and the crew, and most importantly the racers luck!




この期間中にチーム・メカニックとして、Race Across America (RAAM, アメリカ横断レース)に参戦させて頂きます。イギリスの2人組チームのCrank Addictsです。2人交代でアメリカの西海岸から東海岸まで自転車で走ります。総合距離はなんと、4,800km見たいです。チームの目標はもちろん完走でが、Marie Curie Cancer Care(ガン患者看護)に募金運動も行っております。詳しくはチームのHPをご覧ください。(英語のみ)





April 14, 2013


This month’s new issue of Tarzan went on sale a couple days ago. Tarzan is a Japanese fitness magazine focusing on a broad range of outdoor activities along with equipment reviews, dietary advice and current trends. This month’s issue is all about cycling! It has a lot of articles on how to choose the right bike, how to equip the bike and also commuting by bike.

This time around, there’s also a primer on bike fitting by none other than yours truly! (Page 55, if you’re interested.) It is a basic introduction and may include points most of you already know. But, at the same time, it should be a good start for those who may not be as knowledgeable in the area of bike fit. One thing though is that this is a Japanese magazine, so the article is in Japanese.

If you have a chance, pick up a copy. (I’ll even autograph it for you.) Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!







April 9, 2013


Back from the Taipei Cycle Show. This show is unlike Interbike or Eurobike in that it’s not really geared towards consumers or even for bike shops for that matter. It’s really more for manufacturers and distributors sourcing parts and accessories. But in the last few years, it’s gotten a little more consumer oriented with flashier displays and actual complete bike launches like the above. The pic on the left being the new TT bike from Merida that Lampre rode in the recent Paris-Nice race. The bike on the right is a concept “gravity speedbike” from Tange. Check out the video here.(I totally want one, it looks like a blast!)


The other aspect that makes this show unique is that it gives a chance for other relatively unheard of bike manufacturers to showcase their stuff. One example is this premium road bike from Axman. Other examples of lesser known manufacturers are on sites like

My favorite part of the show is the access to the myriad of parts and accessory manufacturers who never get any press due to their specialized natures. Like the offerings (above, left) from a bike paint company, Y.S. Paint.



Or like the pic (above, left) from company, Yozu, that specializes in making only fittings for frames, like these cable guides. And the booth from Silvia and Jack Trading (above, right), which just had bells on display.

The trip to Taipei was very productive. Besides making new contacts and re-connecting with my old contacts, I was able to see the current and future trends within the industry with my own eyes. There’s a lot of ingenuity coming out Taipei, but that’ll have to be another post as this one is already getting pretty long. Thanks for reading.






個人的に台北ショーで最も興味深い所が完成車メーカー以外の展示です。右上の写真はY.S. Paint社のブースでした。大手向きの塗料や塗装の会社です。以前、数百台の自転車を注文した時にお世話になりました。




まだまだあります。左上の写真はYozu社の展示の一部でした。こちらのメーカーはフレームに溶接するケーブルガイドやハンガーだけ作っています。右上の写真はSilvia and Jack Trading社のブースでした。写真の通り、こちらの会社はベル専門です。


February 3, 2013


This month the shop will have its annual tune-up campaign! The prices will be discounted as follows:

Basic Maintenance: ¥6,300 ¥5,250
Semi Overhaul: ¥15,750 ¥10,500
Full Overhaul: ¥31,500¥21,000

The above prices do not include parts. I’ve uploaded the maintenance and overhaul package chart from the shop. The printable file is located here or by clicking the image above.

The Basic Maintenance can be done same day in a couple hours. The Semi and Full Overhauls will be done in a few days. You can drop your bike off on the weekend and have it back Thursday or Friday, ready to ride for the next weekend!

For further details or to schedule and appointment please email or call. Thank you.




ベーシック・メンテナンス: ¥6,300 ¥5,250
セミ・オーバーホール: ¥15,750 ¥10,500
フル・オーバーホール: ¥31,500 ¥21,000





January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!

I wish all of you the best of health and happiness in 2013. I hope for continued success and enjoyment in pursuing your cycling related goals.

My resolution for the New Year… RIDE.

With that in mind, the images above are from my first ride of the year. I rode out to Kujukuri Beach in Chiba to check out the first sunrise of 2013. It was a little cloudy, but I was lucky enough to capture the Sun as it peeked through a small break in the clouds. I’m taking this as a good omen for 2013.

The map and data are off of my Garmin. It was the first time I used the route planning feature on GarminConnect. As you may or may not know, I never had an overly enthusiastic impression of the Garmin 800, but features like this definitely add points in terms of the cost performance of the unit. I look forward to using it more and more in the following year to assist in my training.

I also look forward to working with my clients (existing and new) to achieve the best of performance throughout the New Year.










October 26, 2012

Last weekend was the Japan Cup, a 2-day event consisting of a criterium on Saturday and road race on Sunday. It’s held in Utsunomiya every year and is one of the few rare chances to see international pros race in Japan. Robbie McEwen (OGE) came out of retirement to race the criterium and finished 3rd. (I just found the FULL onboard video from McEwen’s bike on YouTube!) The road race was won by Ivan Basso (LIQ), who outsprinted Dan Martin (GRS) to what people say was a very exciting finish.

Although I wasn’t able to go to the races this year, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Garmin-Sharp after-party held Monday in Aoyama, Tokyo. A few highlights of the party were meeting Dan Martin and other team members like Nathan Haas (who won the race last year). Also meeting the support staff was really cool. I talked with Garry Beckett for awhile, about what goes on behind the curtains at Garmin Sharp (pic, above right.)

Above are pics of Dan Martin, talking about the course and his race strategy (left), and taking questions from the gallery (right).

I just wanted to thank the team for coming and racing (and doing the signings, and attending the after party). It was an honor to meet all of you. Also to for hosting the party, and of course Tabuchi-san at CWS for bringing me along.


先週末ジャパン・カップが行いました。毎年、宇都宮で開催される自転車イベントです。土曜日に駅前でクリテリウム、そして日曜日にロード・レース。日本で国際プロ選手が参加するレースは数少ないので、ジャパン・カップは貴重な大会だと思います。今年、マキュアン選手(OGE)が引退にも関わらずクリテリウムに出場、そして3位。(オンボード映像YouTubeに載ってます!) ロードレースではバッソ選手(LIQ)が優勝、そしてガーミン・シャープのマーティン選手が2位。スプリント勝負で観客が盛り上がったて聞きました。

残念ながら、私は今年のジャパン・カップに行けませんでした。でも、運が良く、レース後のガーミン・シャープ・アフターパーティに招待されました。アフターパーティには自転車業界の関係者とガーミン・シャープのファン沢山いました。皆さんは選手のサインを貰い、選手との会話もできました。ガーミンの選手て本当にやさしいと思いました。私はもちろん選手と挨拶しましたが、ほとんどの時間サポートスタッフのベケット氏と会話しました(右上の写真)。 彼がどれだけ日本が大好きとかチームの裏話もしてくれました。




September 28, 2012

Back from Interbike.

I prepared a short presentation for my students on what industry-only bike shows are like and came up with a few personal observations. The first time I went to Interbike, I was completely awestruck at the scale of the event and the number of attendees and exhibitors. I came back from that show with my camera filled with close to 300 photos. Over the years, each time I come back from the show, I seem to be taking less and less photos. (I wonder why?) This year was no different. Even though I knew I would be making a presentation at the school and had to take more photos than usual, I still only wound up with maybe 40-50 pics. Of these pics, I had maybe 3 or 4 that I thought I could post here.

First and foremost,the Neilpryde Bayamo (above left). Cool looking bike. Very cool company reps. The sales rep in the the back talking on the phone noticed I was going to take a pic of the bike and he adjusted position of the crankarm for me. It makes the bike look better in photos, and most catalogs and magazines do this as well. For comparison, check out the pic I took of another cool bike the BMC TMR01 (above right). See the difference? More info on the Bayamo can be found here ( and here ( The Japanese distributor link is here,








まず初めとして、NeilprydeのBayamo(左上)。普通にカッコいいと思いました。でも、それより感動したのは、Neilprydeの営業者の思いやりと会社や商品のプライド。(ダジャレぽっくてすみません。) 彼は写真の奥に写ってます。私がカメラを用意する際、彼が寄って来てわざわざクランクアームの位置を直して頂きました。クランクアームをチェーインステーかシートチューブに対して平行に合わせるのは業界の中では常識。この様に合わせると自転車が一番美しく写ると言われてます。雑誌とかカタログの撮影に多く使われてるテクニックです。もう一枚、隣の写真(BMC TMR01)と比べて下さい。 せっかく、超カッコいい自転車なのに(シマノ9000系とLightweight Fernweg装備!)クランクの位置が合ってないせいで、なんとなくまとまり感が無い。まぁ、あと、ホイールも揃ってないですけどね。Neilprydeさんがそこまでこだわって頂いて感動しました。Bayamoの詳しい情報はここ、。国内の代理店ホームページはここ、

September 14, 2012

Just a reminder that the shop will closed next week. (Sept.20-23) I will be at Interbike checking out all the new stuff for 2013. In the meantime, here’s a teaser of the new Canyon 2013 catalog from Eurobike. The full catalog is also available online as a PDF. I thought their new Speedmax looked pretty sweet.



来週の休業のお知らせです(20日‐23日)。Interbike(アメリカの自転車大展示会)に行きます。上の画像はEurobike (ヨーロッパの大展示会)から頂いた、2013年Canyon社のカタログの一部です。カタログ全体はCanyonのホームページからPDFでダウンロード出来ます。新型Speedmaxがかなりかっこよくなったと思います。

September 13, 2012

I recently had the opportunity to build up a complete bike from one of the bigger overseas online retailers.  (I’ll give you hint, their name starts with a ‘W’.) Usually I build bikes from the frame up. But this time the bike was assembled abroad and then partially disassembled for shipment to Japan. For the most part all I had to do was install the wheels, handlebars and saddle/seatpost.

My impressions? I think they do a very solid build. The packaging was top-notch. Also, all of the torque values were to spec, no bolts were loose and everything functioned well. The bar tape was evenly wrapped, and they even took the time to line up the tire logos with the valve stem. But at the same time it’s difficult to say whether this bike would be up to the pickier Japanese customer expectations. A couple aesthetic points that I had to fix were the uneven inner brake and shift cable lengths. Also when the bicycle was disassembled for packing, the seatpost was scratched.

From a functional standpoint, the rear derailleur hanger was out of alignment and the STI levers were pointed outwards (instead of straight ahead, but only by a couple degrees.)

Like I said, kinda nitpicky. In all honesty, some of the bicycles that come straight from the big manufacturers don’t even come close to the build quality of this bike. I think most end-users would be completely satisfied buying from this company. (Further hint, their name rhymes with ‘giggle’.)

Labor cost for the build and tune: 5,250yen










April 6, 2012

I have accepted a position as an instructor at the new Tokyo College of Cycle Design. The 2 to 3 year curriculum will cover everything from your basic Japanese mama-chari to racing level road and mountain bikes. I will be teaching bicycle assembly, maintenance and repair to the first year students. For the second and third years, the students will be welding frames, and immersed in the designing of  various bicycles. It should be really exciting. I’m looking forward to working with the new students.

As such, the shop’s business hours will be adjusted accordingly. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Starting next week, from the shop will be closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. (Appointments can still be made on these days as the school schedule allows.) As for the rest of the week, I will be open as normal 12pm-8pm Thursday through Sunday. Thanks for your understanding.





授業の為、店の営業時間を大幅に変更します。来週から月曜日、火曜日、水曜日を定休日にさせてもらいます。ご迷惑をおかけしますが、予めご了承下さい。(授業の時間により定休日でも予約はまだ可能です。)木曜日から日曜日は通常の営業します。(12:00-20:00) よろしくお願い致します。


 April 1, 2012

Wow, already April… meaning I’ve been in business for 3 months. After doing some accounting and preparing for classes, I came up with some interesting (to me anyway) data that I thought I’d share. For anybody interested, this is a breakdown of ALPHA in the past 3 months.

Customer base:
90% Non-Japanese, 10% Japanese

65% Tri/TT, 25% Road, 5% MTB, 5% Other

80% Shimano Di2, 10% SRAM
5% Shimano (non-Di2), 5% Campagnolo

No. of cups of coffee per day: 4-5

Most often customer requested music: AKB48




90% 外国人、 10%日本人

65% TT/トライアスロン、 25% ロード
5% MTB、 5% その他

80% シマノDi2、 10% SRAM
5% シマノ(Di2以外)、 5% カンパ

一日のコーヒの摂取量: 4-5杯


February 21, 2012

I just realized that many people may not be using Twitter/Facebook.
These are just a couple images I’ve been posting over on those sites.

The first is the shop bottle. They’re the new Specialized Purist Bottle (220z) with the Mo’Flo valve. Details available over on Specialized’s site. The WaterGate valve is great, it’s just not suitable for my purposes. These bottle are available at the shop for ¥1,050.

The second pic, on the right, is a new addition to the shop bookshelf. It’s a book illustrating the modern collaboration between bicycles and art. It’s not only about beautifully painted bicycles, though. Most of the book is devoted to bicycles as a theme in art genres like posters, sculpture and even graffiti (cool!). It’s not for sale at the shop, as it easily purchased online, but available for your perusal anytime.



左は当店のボトル、スペシャライズド社のプユーリストボトルです。(約650ml) バルブは普通に引っぱるタイプ、Mo’Flo。詳しくはSP社のホームページへどうぞ。 ¥1,050(税込)




January 19, 2012

Specialites TA SIN SL Bottle Cage

Direct from France! Not available in Japan.
Black and White in stock.

Aluminum, 31g (actual weight) ¥2,993


Specialites TA SIN SL ボトルケージ

アルミ、31g (実測)¥2,993

January 5, 2012

Open for business!

Check out ‘PROFILE’ to read more about me and the shop.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to email or call me.

Thank you!